Cozy intimate session at home

A few weeks ago I ‘met’ Esther (@howlingwolve) on the internet and I was impressed by the positive words she is spreading online. I came across a Facebook post with a moodboard and call for photographers. I just knew I had to reach out to her! So I did, and here we are, with a bunch of lovely photos of Eshter. Make-up artist Kelsey helped us out with her amazing skills! The pictures are taken in Esthers home, in Leeuwarden. During the shoot we had the lovely company of two curious spectators! This place is a definitely a little paradise for Esther and her adopted furry cat-friends. I really hope you enjoy this series as much as we loved creating them!

Although the sun was shining bright this day, I needed a bit more light in this corner of the livingroom. So I used a flash with a softbox, mounted on a tripod to give these pictures a bit more glamour. And to be honest, I do really love how that turned out! Note to self; more flash please :). It works well with the orange wall as well, and did you know that the artwork in the middle is made by her grandmother? That’s awesome.

Body positivity, feminism and animal rights are big themes for Esther. If you want to get to know her a little better, please check out her Instagram page. Her post are really inspirational. She also is a fan of vintage (especially 70s) clothing and decoration. I felt like going back in time a little bit because of the vintage vibes. In the pictures above I used the sun as main light and another soft light to light up her face. At the end of the day, the sun was getting lower and the shadows created some pretty shapes.


I hope you liked this shoot! If you would like to book a portrait session yourself, you can just leave a message or contact me on instagram. From there we can start creating!